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Pittsburgh, PA

• Nickel Alloy

• Cobalt Alloy

• Chromium

• Molybdenum

• Vanadium

• Tantalum


Scrap Metal and By-Products

• Solids

• Powders

• Dust

• Slags

• Skulls & Spills

• By-Products

Scrap in the following forms:

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Look to us as your dependable source for certified low alloys, stainless steel, nickel alloys, and cobalt alloys. We provide A.O.D. refined alloy from a major Pittsburgh-based producer.

Certified Ingots for Remelting

• Chromium ( Aluminothermic & Electrolytic )

• Niobium ( Nb Metal, VG FeNb, Nb Oxide )

• Molybdenum ( Mo Metal, Mo Oxide )

• Nickel

• Cobalt

• Vanadium

• Tungsten ( Sintered Bar, Fe W )

• Zirconium

• Tantalum

Primary raw materials:

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Products for Melting

DK Associates has been working with stainless steel and nickel alloy producers for over 30 years supplying both primary raw materials and money saving unique scrap items.