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Look to us for a full array of nickel-iron alloys in all standard product forms. If you are in need of sizes and shapes that are not commercially available, let us custom produce the products that will meet your needs and specifications.

Are you in need of finished metal products?

Let our over 30 years of experience give you confidence that our highly knowledgeable team can give you exceptional results.

• Alloy 39

• Alloy 42

• Alloy 48 (47 / 50)

• MuMetal

• Ni 200 / 201

• Permalloy 80

• Controlled expansion

• Super Invar

• Invar 36

• Kovar

Get the finished products you need

Look to us for a large stock of magnetic, electronic, shielding, and controlled expansion alloys as well as metals in both finished and semi-finished forms. Finished forms allow for faster delivery, while semi-finished options permit customization. If we do not have what you need in stock, we have relationships with a network of producers who can produce the material you require.  Alloys are available in any form, including tube, billet, bar, wire, plate, sheet, and ingot. We have 42 nickel irons in our stock.

Find a wide range of finished and semi-finished products

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