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Pittsburgh, PA

Commonly known as the "Last Resort" for specialty metal projects, we help you through every aspect of your project, including:

• Alloys

• Super Invar

• Controlled Expansion Alloy


Some of the many companies we have assisted include:

• Ball Aerospace

• National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

• The Boeing Company

• United Technologies

Achieve custom results for your metal processing

Let us take you from spec to completion with custom processing services designed to address your specific needs and goals.

When you are in need of metallurgical services, put your trust in us to provide custom melting of alloys not commercially available and conversion of material to non-standard forms and sizes.


You can also receive consulting on both technical and commercial aspects of the industry.

Get specialized metallurgical services


• Market evaluation

• Product evaluation

• Supply-demand assessment



• Problem solving

• Melting and working high nickel alloy

• Impact of melting technology on raw material product preference

• Observers – monitoring conversion or toll processing of your material


We deal principally with nickel alloys, tool steels and nickel iron alloys, and have considerable experience with more exotic materials such as titanium, cobalt alloys, tantalum and columbium.  


Consulting services for both commercial and technical applications

Give us a call to learn more about custom processing.


Highly trained specialty metal processors are capable of converting your metal into billet, bar, rod and wire, slab, plate, or sheet. Let us convert your material or procure the specific material on your behalf and supervise the necessary conversion to achieve your desired end product.

Manage your custom metal conversions

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