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If you are in need of open die forgings or rolled rings, put your confidence in the over 30 years of experience behind our knowledgeable team to create custom products for your needs. Trust our specialization in nickel alloys, stainless steels, and tool steels. Your open die forgings can be created in very large to very small sizes with available equipment ranging from 5000 ton presses to 300 pound hammers. Rolled rings can be created in sizes as small as 6" to as large as 100".

Are you in need of custom made alloys?

Custom results ensure you get the exact products and materials needed to achieve your objectives for your project.

• Billets (Invar and Super Invar)

• Bars

• Discs

• Blocks

• Sleeves

• Rings


Let us forge products to your specifications

Visit our Raw Materials and Scrap Metal pages to learn more about the materials and products options available to you. Feel confident knowing the quality of all materials is GUARANTEED so you can trust that every material you source is ready to give you the results you desire for your project.

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